Sunday 10 February 2013

Star Trek Kre-O at the Toy Fair

We've had a good look at the new Star Trek Kre-O sets coming soon from Hasbro, in official images released to the web. But they are also on display at Hasbro's booth at the Toy Fair this weekend, which gives us a closer look at some of the sets, and an idea of the packaging designs. So here are the Star Trek Kre-O sets on the booth:

USS Enterprise playset

Here is the box, plus views of the complete ship, the kreon figures (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and two "specialists", the latter two are apparently bad guys), interior views of the bridge, and inside the nacelles:

Klingon Bird of Prey
The new Klingon design coming in Star Trek Into Darkness. it will be interesting to see if Hasbro have played with the scale (as they have with the Enterprise), or whether this ship is actually more of a fighter sized ship, rather than the traditionally larger Bird of Prey designs. Comes with Kirk, Uhura, and two Klingons.


Keep reading after the jump for the rest of the range:

Spock's Volcano Mission
They don't seem to have had the box on display for this yet. The volcano part of the set appears to be a single molded piece, rather than building it out of a mass of sloping parts. Comes with volcano-suit Spock, and Sulu.

Transporter Trouble
Between the box and display versions of this set you can see both the transporter room and planet sides of this transporter set featuring Scotty and a Klingon. This scene isn't one we've seen in any trailer yet, it suggests to me a comical scenario involving Scotty a Klingon and transporting, perhaps happening along side the Klingon encounter we have already seen?


Space Dive
The box art for this set seems to be quite telling. We've seen a space dive in the trailers for Into Darkness already, if the box it plot accurate it would seem Kirk's jump into space is brought about to escape Harrison and his big gun (although big-gun guy isn't actually named here):


Mirco-build starships
A collection of four small sip models, all seen in the 2009 film: The USS Enterprise, USS Kelvin, Jellyfish, and Klingon D7 battlecruiser


Kreon figures
Finally there are the blind-bag Kreon figures, the first series of six were on display, more are to follow, with later series featuring prime-timeline characters. Series one comes from across the new timeline; Nero, Keenser, a Klingon, a Gorn (from the new video game), Grasia, a member of the same species as the Kelvin's Alnschloss K'Bentayr (and played by the same actress in Into Darkness), and a new alien called Sprog.


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