Saturday 9 February 2013

First look at Star Trek Kre-o sets

With the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, Hasbro will be taking on a Star Trek toy licensee, including Lego-style construction sets in their Kre-o range. We got a good look at their USS Enterprise vehichle/playset last summer, and now an investor presentation has revealed more figures and sets, from their collection of eleven construction sets!

Joining the "kreon" figures of Kirk and Spock, we can see a Klingon (with a newly designed bat'leth), and Uhura (in what looks like Starfleet issue hot pants). There will apparently be eighteen different figures across the range. The new sets on show beside the Enterprise appear to be a Klingon ship of some sort (possibly the same one seen in the trailer), and a transporter room:

Hasbro also recently put out a press release, ahead of the New York Toy Fair this weekend, detailing the Enterprise set:
Explore the final frontier with the crew of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, the iconic ship from the upcoming STAR TREK movie from Paramount Pictures. Based on the ship featured in the film, the KRE-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE is 18” long, includes a display stand, and is the first KRE-O set that actually lights up! Explore the lighted Bridge interior play area, glowing warp engines, and launch a projectile from a lighted photon torpedo. Kids and fans alike will be excited to find KREON figures representing KIRK, SPOCK, BONES and more in the ENTERPRISE set which includes five KREON figures and 540 brick pieces. (Ages 6 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $69.99/Available: 2013)
If we're lucky we might get to see more of Hasbro's Star Trek range from the Toy Fair. Although I wouldn't be surprised if a lot is kept under wraps.

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ety3rd said...

A closeup of the box shows that it reads "Klingon Bird of Prey."

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