Friday 1 February 2013

Meet Cross Cult's M'Ress

Cross Cult are a busy bunch lately, prepping lots of new covers for their next catalogue, and showing them off on their Star Trek books Facebook page. Their latest image is a new draft portrait (ready for use on future New Frontier covers) of everyone's favourite Caitian, Shiboline M'Ress:

The next New Frontier books coming from Cross Cult are the Excalibur trilogy, due to start in April, and they have also released finalised version of those covers. They are largely unchanged from the previous versions (which you can see here, here, and here), except Robin Lefler has a snazzy new hair-style, and the titles have been added on, with the Excalibur title going up the sword blade which appears on every Cross Cult New Frontier cover:


Cross Cult have also announced they will be finishing their run of Vanguard audiobooks, with the final three books in the series coming out from March to May.

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