Wednesday 20 February 2013

Beam Me Up, the Q Pop Star Trek art show

If you're lucky enough to live in LA at the moment you're in range of an exciting Star Trek art exhibition being held at the Q Pop gallery/store. Beam Me Up opened on the 16th, and runs until the 2nd of March. Within you will find all sorts of Star Trek art; beautiful, quirky, sexy, and every other adjective you could imagine.

If like me you happen not to live remotely close to LA, then don't feel too hard done by, as many of the artists contributing work to the show are online too. Here are a few of my favourite pieces (continues after the jump). Starting with my new favoruite bit of Star Trek art ever, the ingenious TOS bridge by Jasmin Lai:

Kassandra Heller's sumptuous take on Trek. This is actually just one section of a larger piece; you can see some other chunks on Heller's tumblr.

A super cute This Side of Paradise illustration from Joey Chou:

Zach Bellisimo's selection of Star Trek monsters:

Erin Bernas Pearce's Geordi LaForge Beetle:

Dusty Abell's insanely characterful TOS gathering:

Spock and Data building their very own little model Enterprise, by Frank Macchia:

Lisa Penney's cute little Spock necklace (which are also available on her Etsy shop):

Michal Wright Ward's The First (and Last) Tribble to Join Star Fleet:

An amusing red shirt gag from Louie Del Carmen:

And Carrie Liao's tribute to fallen red shirts, Safety in Numbers. Check out Liao's blog to see a labelled up version; these are all red shirts we saw!

These are just scratching the surface of the eighty or so artists taking part. Here's Q Pop's list of artists (which isn't everyone, indeed I added a few); I've linked to any examples of work from the show I can find:

  • Lincoln Kamm
  • Seo Kim
  • Santino Lascano
  • Stuart Livingston
  • Pakoto
  • Tatsuro Maruyama
  • Ruriko Maruyama
  • Aki Morishima
  • Zoe Moss
  • Erin McGathy
  • Scott Morse
  • Sho Murase
  • Ryan Nagata
  • Naoshi
  • Bryan Newton
  • HeeJin Park
  • Michelle Park
  • Jorsh Pena
  • Plasticgod
  • Deanna Rooney
  • Paul Rudish
  • Johnny Ryan
  • Phil Rynda
  • Chris Sasaki
  • Griselda Sastrawinata
  • Jeremy Sengly
  • Lindsay Smith
  • Andy Suriano
  • Yukinao Takashima
  • Matt Taylor
  • Jack Teagle
  • Dan Bob Thompson
  • Shojono Tomo
  • Lissa Treiman
  • Dave Wasson
  • Wee Little Stitches
  • Julia Vickerman

You can also see photos from the show on the Q Pop Shop's twitter, as well as reports here, here, and here. That last link included this video, which includes René Auberjonois (aka Odo) juding a costume contest on the opening night!:

Finally here are posters promoting the exhibition, the second one is by Kali Fontecchio:

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