Wednesday 20 February 2013

Andorian ships coming to Star Trek Online

Cryptic have announced the latest additions to Star Trek Online's Starfleet; pulling the Andorian Kumari class right out of Enterprise, giving her a 25th century polish, and spinning off the usual variants, to give three new ships in STO, each with new abilities. The differences between the three new classes are pretty subtle design wise, here's how Cryptic described them:
Each Andorian ship has some slight modifications befitting the role they might fill on the various battlefields of the galaxy. The Khyzon is the most reminiscent of the ship we've seen in Enterprise, and has a slightly more "sciencey" feel compared to the others. Next, the Charal boasts armored-up hull sections, beefier, sturdier wings, and bulkier cannons, as it will most likely fit the role of a more engineering focused vessel. Similarly, the Kumari Class is the tactical version, and it boasts larger forward dual cannons and sleeker, longer, wing cannons than the rest, with a slightly more aggressive stance. Mixing and matching parts, with paint patterns and varied hull materials will allow players to make some pretty interested mash-ups.
The new Andorian ships are focused primarily on being powerful attack ships, as Cryptic describe:
Andorian Escorts are focused on intense firepower. With an unprecedented five forward weapons slots, the Kumari line is built to hit enemies hard and fast. One of those weapons slots is for the Andorian Escorts' integrated Wing Cannons, which are among the most powerful weapons ever seen in the Alpha Quadrant, delivering powerful bursts of Phaser energy too quickly for an opponent to recover.
Here's the Kumari class:

The Kumari Class is designed for raw firepower, offering heavy tactical seating and five tactical console slots.

In addition, it is also comes standard with the Phaser Dispersal Array console. The Phaser Dispersal Array console allows your Wing Cannons to charge up and fire a powerful blast that will damage your target and all enemies near your target.

Continue reading after the jump for a look at the Khyzon and Charal variants, plus the Andorian bridge:

The Charal class:

The Charal Class offers a balance between offensive firepower and defensive staying power. Compared to the Kumari, it sacrifices a single Lieutenant Tactical bridge officer slot for an Engineering slot, allowing for more defensive versatility. In addition, one Tactical console slot has been replaced with an Engineering console slot, while retaining both Science console slots.

In addition, the Charal Escort comes with the Wing Cannon Platforms console. The Wing Cannon Platforms console allows you to deploy two Wing Cannon Platforms which will orbit your ship and fire on your Wing Cannons’ targets. Wing Cannon Platforms will only fire while you are firing your own Phaser Wing Cannons.

And the Kyzon class:

The Kyzon class has the highest emphasis on Science of any of the Andorian Escorts, but retains much of its offensive potency. Compared to the Kumari, the Khyzon has one additional Lieutenant Science bridge officer slot, at the expense of a Lieutenant Tactical slot. It has the most Science-focused Console layout, allowing four Science consoles, but having one fewer Tactical and Engineering consoles slot than the Kumari Class.

In addition, the Khyzon Escort comes with the Tachyon Induction Relay console. The Tachyon Induction Relay console allows your Wing Cannons to fire a powerful Tachyon burst that damages all of your target’s shield facings.

As is often the case with STO, getting more than one variant buys you into extra abilities:
The Tachyon Induction Relay, Wing Cannon Platforms, and Phaser Dispersal Array can be equipped on any Andorian Escort. Together, they are the Andorian Assault Set.

The two-piece set bonus grants Synchronized Targeting, a passive bonus to Accuracy.

The three-piece set bonus is Wing Cannon Synergy. This allows the player’s deployed Wing Cannon Platforms to benefit from the player’s special cannon abilities such as Cannon: Rapid Fire, Cannon: Scatter Volley, and the special attacks provided by the Tachyon Induction Relay and Phaser Dispersal Array consoles.
There is also new Andorian bridge, waiting for the descendants of Shran to take the center seat:

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