Monday 4 February 2013

New trailer, bad day for the Enterprise

So, some sporty thing happened in America, which had the nice side effect of a new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer! There are some interesting new bits of footage; have a watch:

Shall we look at some stills of the new footage? Well, ok then. It all seems to start with a nice day out in London:

Then we find ourselves in a big hanger/storage bay, which goes boom:


Which maybe was in London, where we find another explosion:

Then we get to a very interesting exchange between Kirk and Harrison which plays over most of the trailer:

Kirk: Who the hell are you?
Harrison: I am better.
Kirk: At what?
Harrison: Everything.

This should have some impact on the speculation of who Harrison is; he clearly isn't the same character who Kirk recently met in Countdown to Darkness, or indeed anyone else Kirk knows. And of course claims of being better at everything should help reinforce the idea of some sort of augment connection.


Then comes the most moving part for us starship lovers, as the poor old Enterprise looks to be suffering. I would guess this is part of the same sequence where we saw the damaged Enterprise in the previous trailer:


Then we see the familiar starship crash, with a new shot of the suacer slicing through buildings. The implication from the edit being that the Enterprise has fallen to Earth. But the configuration of that crashed ship doesn't seem to match, so I think this is probably misdirection:

We are also given the rather ominous message, via a series of title cards (stuck together here), that:

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