Wednesday 13 February 2013

New comic omnibus covers

Amazon have updated their listing for the Countdown to Darkness omnibus with a new cover. The four portraits from the individual issue covers have be re-arranged and cropped to fit inside the delta shape, rather than sitting outside of a solid block-colour delta. This new version of the cover bares a much stronger resemblance to the original Countdown cover, which has the exact same arrangement.

Countdown to Darkness is due out in April, very shortly after the final issue of the series is published, so that those who want to get it only as an omnibus can still read it before the release of Into Darkness in May. Meanwhile Forbidden Planet have revealed the cover art for Assimilation2, Volume 2, the second omnibus of the TNG/Doctor Who crossover series, which is due out any day now. The new cover matches the similar design of the Volume 1 omnibus, this time featuring allies rather than villains along side Picard and The Doctor:

In other Trek comics news, Joe Corroney has posted a gallery full of his line art (pre-colouring) from the Hive series, demonstrating his insane level of drawing detail! Here are some delicious pages of starship porn (reminds me of some of my greatest Star Trek: Armada battles), there's plenty more on Facebook:



Fourthords said...

Is there any word that the Assimilation volumes will be combined into a single release?

8of5 said...

Not yet, I expect they'll give it a few months at least to let the separate volume sell. It's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who this year, November is the actual anniversary, so that might be a good time for them to do a fancy hardback mega-omnibus. Also waiting on news of the sequel that's been hinted at, so maybe they'd release it ahead of a second crossover launching.

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