Wednesday 13 February 2013

DS9 soundtrack now available, listen to samples!

La La Land have now made their four-disc Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Collection available to purchase on their website. You can also listen to samples from many of the tracks in the collection on La La Land's listing. Here's the blurb for the release, which sheds some light on origins of the "Lost Album" disc:
La-La Land Records proudly announces its forthcoming release of STAR TREK:DEEP SPACE NINE COLLECTION, a limited edition 4-CD soundtrack set that showcases musical highlights from episode scores as heard in all seven original seasons of the beloved sci-fi television series STAR TREK:DEEP SPACE NINE (1993 – 1999). This special collection of music features more than five hours of incredible score, selected from some of the most acclaimed episodes of this enormously successful NEXT GENERATION spin-off.

Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning and Lukas Kendall, and mastered by James Nelson, this deluxe, limited-edition release of 3000 units chronicles its music on four CDs – The first disc features the music of composer Dennis McCarthy; the second disc features the music of composer Jay Chattaway; the third disc showcases music from "the new recruits," composers John Debney, David Bell, Richard Bellis, Gregory Smith and Paul Baillargeon; and the fourth disc, entitled "The Lost Album," contains an album assembly of material that was prepped by music producers and the composers for a soundtrack compilation that was never released. The set is complemented by a 36-page booklet that includes exclusive, in-depth liner notes from film music writer and Trek historian Jeff Bond.

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