Sunday 17 May 2020

TNG Mego previews and other Star Trek toy updates

I've gathered all the latest previews of Star Trek action figures and figurines today, including images of the forthcoming Discovery Funko pop vinyl figures, The Coop's recent Handmade by Robots characters, and Kuzos miniatures from Factory Entertainment. Continue below to check out those, but first...

The next wave of releases from Mego is shifting their retro action figure range into the 24th century with their first TNG characters, Captain Picard, and Data. Mego Museum and Mego's social media have released some new preview images, showing pre-production samples (so they might yet get tweaked). These are currently expected to arrive from June.

See my previous report for further previews of these action figures.

Due in July are Funko's first Discovery characters in their range of Pop! vinyl figures. They've now released packaging images of these. This is smaller wave than previous Star Trek Pops, with just Michael Burnham and Saru representing the series:

You can see out of the boxes previews of these in another of my previous reports.

Another series of vinyl figurines was launched earlier this year by The Coop, whose Handmade by Robots line is styled after hand-knitted toys. They have released new images of the Kirk and Spock figurines in the range:

And finally, another new line is Factory Entertainment's Kuzos range. These die-cast miniatures are mostly props, but the first TOS collection includes two characters, the Horta, and Nomad, alongside the captain's chair. They've released lots of new images of these small models:

Order links for mentioned products:
Mego TNG action figures:
Picard: Entertainment EarthData: Entertainment Earth
Funko Pop! Discovery vinyl figures:
Burnham: AmazonEntertainment EarthEbay Forbidden Planet.
Saru: AmazonEntertainment EarthEbayForbidden Planet.
The Coop Handmade by Robots TOS vinyl figurines:
Kirk: AmazonEntertainment EarthEbay.
Spock: AmazonEntertainment EarthEbay.
Factory Entertainment Kuzos TOS collection: 
AmazonEntertainment EarthEbay.

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek toy releases, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2020 schedule page.

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