Friday 15 May 2020

Factory Entertainment's Star Trek bottle stoppers, and other Trek drinkware

Need a drink? Several companies have been busy working on Star Trek drinkware recently, including glasses, cups and saucers, bottles, and wine bottle stoppers. Continue below to check them all out:

Factory Entertainment have revealed the final form of the first of their Star Trek wine bottle stopper range, which are now available for pre-order ahead of release later this summer are several designs. First up is the very shiny USS Enterprise:

Factory Entertainment have previously previewed other starship bottle stopper designs, so hopefully the Klingon battle cruiser and USS Enterprise-D stoppers will still be coming later.

Another set of designs that is coming now is also TOS inspired, a three-pack of colourful Starfleet deltas:

These are the latest items to join Factory Entertainment's eclectic Star Trek offering, which so far also includes bottle openers, and prop miniatures. Check back through my Factory Entertainment tag for a look at previous releases, and previews of things to come.

Meanwhile if you need something to have a drink out of, Movies on Glass have launched a large range of Star Trek glasses, featuring designs from across the franchise. Their range includes establishment branded Quark's Bar and Ten Forward glasses, Discovery Disco and Section 31 designs, and various emblems and "property of..." glasses too. These are available either individually or as sets.

An online bookshop might not be the first place you think to look for drinkware, but curiously Books-a-Million have themselves an exclusive Enterprise-D themed cup and saucer set. This is currently up for pre-order ahead of a summer release. So you've got plenty of time to source some Earl Grey.

Finally, for drinking on the go, from Pyramid there's this TNG metal bottle, appropriately suggesting "let's see what's out there":

And to keep up with all the latest Star Trek stuff, check listings on my 2020 schedule page.

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