Thursday 14 May 2020

Trek your workplace with new Star Trek paperclips, mouse pad, and travel pass holder

If you're looking for a little bit of Star Trek in your office-bound life, then the latest creative everyday products from Icon Heroes and Forbidden Planet should do you well. Continue below for some ingenious TOS, TNG, and Discovery designs for paperclips, mouse pads, and a travel pass holder.

You might recall some of Icon Heroes first ever Star Trek products were really fun TOS paperclips? Well they've now returned to a classic and moved it on to the next generation. Behold, the TNG paperclips, in the form of little USS Enterprise-D and TNG combadges:

Like the earlier paperclips, these come in a neat little themed tin, with the Enterprise-D saucer on the top this time. The pack contains 40 paperclips, 20 of each design, and is currently up for preorder with an expected fourth quarter release this year.

Also on offer on the same timescale and format is a set of Discovery themed paperclips, with the two designs in this set both based on starships, the USS Discovery, and USS Shenzhou:

The Discovery's saucer is of course the lid design for this set:

The Discovery saucer is also the subject of Icon Heroes' new mouse pad design. This is also continuing a series of sorts, following an Enterprise-D mouse pad a couple of years ago. The new Disco-pad is available right now from Icon Heroes.

Finally the latest from the Forbidden Planet Originals range is a delightfully fun TOS communicator travel pass holder. Printed on both sides to mimic the prop, you can slide your cards in and then have way to much fun doing the flip action every time you need to get them out. This is also up for pre-order; expected to arrive in June.

You can have a look back through Icon Heroes previous innovative Star Trek office products on my Trek Collective List for their range. And to keep up for all the latest Star Trek stuff, check out my 2020 schedule page.

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