Monday 11 May 2020

Book bits: To Lose the Earth cover, new book details, and schedule shuffling

Lots of Star Trek books news today, including new covers and artwork, new books, updated book details, and schedule adjustments. Continue below for updates on books on mindfulness, cocktails, starships, and the alphabet!

First up, some fiction news: We finally have a cover for the long awaited tenth book in Kirsten Beyer's Voyager relaunch series, To Lose the Earth:

Due in October, I would imagine this will be the final volume of the series that charted Voyager's return to the Delta Quadrant, as that timeline has now been shifted into an alternate reality by the new continuity of Picard (which Beyer co-created!) - See the Litverse Reading Order Flow Chart to see how it fits into the wider Litverse. The book has been a long time coming due to Beyer's commitments working on Discovery and Picard, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Here's a reminder of the blurb:
The long-awaited follow-up to Voyager: Architects of Infinity from the New York Times bestselling author and cocreator of Star Trek: Picard!

As the crew of the Full Circle fleet works to determine the fate of their lost ship, the Galen, a struggle for survival begins at the far edge of the galaxy. New revelations about Species 001, the race that built the biodomes that first drew the fleet to investigate planet DK-1116, force Admiral Kathryn Janeway to risk everything to learn the truth.

In a very different corner of Simon and Schuster, their self help imprint Adams Media is going to bring us The Wisdom of Picard: An Official Star Trek Collection, by Chip Carter. The hardcover book is due out in November. There's no cover yet, but here's the blurb:
Discover all of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s sage advice, insight, and wisdom from the deck of the USS Enterprise and beyond in this ultimate collection of wise words from the esteemed Starfleet captain.

Any Star Trek fan knows that Captain Jean-Luc Picard is renowned for his impressive oratory skills, preferring negotiation and diplomacy over violence and destruction. Now, you can finally ponder all of his wisdom in one place—from his thoughts on leadership and sense of duty to justice and the limitlessness of exploration—in The Wisdom of Picard.

Journey with the Starfleet captain through his seven seasons on Star Trek: The Next Generation to the Star Trek movies to the current series Star Trek: Picard. The Wisdom of Picard boldly goes where no book has gone before to log Picard’s timeless advice in one impressive collection, perfect for Star Trek fans everywhere! Make it so!

Next, it seems Eaglemoss's Hero Collector brand is branching out into similar territory, with their book department now creating more original content.

Due in October, also a hardcover, is Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness, by Glenn Dakin. A draft cover is currently in circulation, along with this blurb:
In a universe that seems to have gone mad, we turn to mindfulness to restore sanity. And who better to teach us wisdom than Mr. Spock, that beacon of calm, rational thought. With quotes from STAR TREK and timely insights about modern life this book will be your guide. When humanity has lost its way, it takes a Vulcan to raise an eyebrow at our folly and lead us towards the truth. After all, it's only logical ...
Also from Eaglemoss and Glenn Dakin, is Star Trek Cocktails, coming in November in hardcover. This also just has a draft cover at the moment, and this blurb:
Set your taste-buds to stunned! These Cosmic recipes will take you where no one has gone before. They're cocktails, Jim, but not as you know them....

Have you ever longed for a taste of Romulan Ale? Or pined for the mellowing effect of Dr McCoy's Mint Julep? Perhaps a Fuzzy Tribble would get you purring? Or a soothing sip of Captain Picard's Earl Grey Martini? This voyage into the future of stylish drinking is a must for all Star Trek - and cocktail - fans. With a galaxy of illustrations, and a witty garnish of quotations, this book will help you celebrate your favorite show.

Other previously announced Eaglemoss books have some updates too. The latest in their Star Trek Shipyards series, has gained a new sub-title, as the Delta Quadrant ships are now coming in two volumes. The Borg and the Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenim, is now due in March 2021, pushed back from an initially planned November release this year. The blurb has also been updated to reflect the new plans:
Featuring ships of the Borg and vessels of the Delta Quadrant, the first of two companion volumes of ships from STAR TREK: VOYAGER.

This volume begins with the ships operated by STAR TREK's greatest villains: the Borg, including the Borg Cube and Sphere, the Borg Queen's Ship, the Renegade Borg Vessel and the Borg Tactical Cube. From there, it profiles more than thirty-five ships operated by the species Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrant, featuring ships from A - Akritirian to K - Krenim.

With technical overviews and operational histories, the ships are illustrated with CG artwork - including original VFX models made for the show.

After you read this, be sure to check out the companion volume - THE DELTA QUADRANT: Ledosian to Zahl, which profiles more than 50 ships of the Delta Quadrant species, among them the Lokirrim Warship, the Species 8472 Bioship, and the Vidiian Warships.

With previously unseen artwork specially created in CG the two official volumes form the most comprehensive account of Delta Quadrant ships from STAR TREK VOYAGER ever produced.

This book series is based mainly on the magazine content from The Official Starships Collection, but does also cover some ships that haven't been produced for that series yet; editor Ben Robinson has recently confirmed on Twitter they are making efforts to CG model all the ships of Trek for this book series, even if they don't all get physical models in the end.

I imagine possibly due to the Covid impacts on the publishing industry, there are further reschedules. Other Eaglemoss affected include:
Titan Books have also delayed some books:

Finally, something to brighten your spirits after all that news of delays. Little Golden Book artist Ethen Beavers shared, on Twitter, his cover artwork for the forthcoming Star Trek Alphabet Book (which is still due in July). Isn't it lovely:

Order links for mentioned books:
Voyager: To Lose the Earth, by Kirsten Beyer.
The Wisdom of Picard: An Official Star Trek Collection, by Chip Carter.
Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness, by Glenn Dakin.
Star Trek Cocktails, by Glenn Dakin.
Star Trek Shipyards: The Borg and the Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenim, by Ian Chaddock, Marcus Riley, and Mark Wright.
Deep Space 9 and the USS Defiant Illustrated Handbook, by Simon Hugo and Ben Robinson.
USS Voyager Illustrated Handbook, by Ben Robinson.
Star Trek Voyager: A Celebration, by Ben Robinson.
The Art of Star Trek Discovery, by Paula Block and Terry J. Erdmann.
The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway, by Una McCormack.
Little Golden Book Star Trek Alphabet Book, illustrated by Ethen Beavers.

To keep track of all the latest releases, hit the books button on my 2020 schedule page, or indeed increasingly the 2021 page. You can also find series reading lists and author bibliographies on my dedicated Star Trek lists site.

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