Friday 29 May 2020

Splash the rainbow across the final frontier with new Star Trek Pride merchandise

The Star Trek Shop have revealed their annual range of Star Trek themed Pride merchandise, which this year is pretty ginormous! Pride flag themed designs inspired by TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery have found there way to all manner of products. Continue below to check them out:

Naturally, as a starship lover, the Ships of the Line design jumps out to me. This features the six hero ships of almost all the live action TV series (sorry La Sirena), in rainbow hues. It is available as a tote bag, a cheerful wrap-around print on a mug, or of course as a T-shirt:

Another ship design also works very well as a mug, a rainbow trailing USS Enterprise. This is also available as T-shirt or sherpa blanket.

I think one of the most eye-catching and effective designs n the range is the LOVE, featuring the TOS movie-era Starfleet emblem as the O. This is available as a hoodie, T-short, tote bag, mug, or cushion.

I'm less taken by the rainbow firing phaser, as I don't think a weapon is real good representation of loving and inclusiveness! The Star Trek Shop have only offered this as a T-shirt, so maybe they were less confident in it too!

A rainbow Vulcan salute seems more appropriate, because Vulcans of course believe in infinite diversity in infinite combinations. You can get this as T-shirt, tank top, mug, or sticker.

There's quite a stark split stripe delta, only offered on dark materials, which makes it seems a bit punchier. This can be found as a hoodie, T-shirt, tank top, mug, or sherpa blanket.

And finally the series emblems, for TOS, TNG, Voyager, and Discovery, each have their own range of rainbow stuff. All are available as a T-shirt, tank top, mug, or sticker. The TOS and Disco deltas are also available as a custom print T-shirt, with a name added; and the Disco mug can also be customised with a photo.

All these, plus some of the previous Pride designs, are available from the Star Trek Shop now.

In addition to the Star Trek Shop range, Fifth Sun also have a new Star Trek Pride T-shirt in their range this year, a delightful bright paint splash version of the TOS delta:

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