Wednesday 13 May 2020

TNG INtakes ingeniously put the outtakes back in

Ingenious fan and trekkie, Ryan's Edits, has hit upon an idea so fantastic its hard to believe its not be done before: Edit outtakes back into scenes. The effect is subtle and absurd, with scenes played completely straight except for some hiccup where an actor forgets a line or messes about. Some of them are completely hilarious, and all make the characters feel much more real, with the verbal trips of everyday life. Those where Patrick Stewart slips out of stern Captain Picard mode are particularly funny. Here are a couple of my favourites:

You can watch the whole collection so far in this playlist. Make sure to follow Ryan's Edits on Youtube for more; he's up to ten so far, and has been regularly posting them for a few weeks now.

If you enjoy the humour of these, I also recommend this amusing video from the comedy trio Foil Arms and Hog (and check out their YouTube too, they're hilarious), which perfectly captures many "human glitches":

1 comment:

Fox said...

Foil Arms and Hog! Thought I hallucinated that bit at the bottom until I reloaded.

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