Friday 11 January 2019

Eaglemoss Starships: First looks at V'Ger, Dominion Battleship, and more

Entertainment Earth seem to have got hold of Eaglemoss' latest round of solicitations a week or two earlier in the month than normal, giving us an advance look at several up-coming models in The Official Starships Collection, and some running order updates too. Continue below for all the details.

First up we have the next special issue, the 16th in that run, which will be V'Ger. Even with this low-res preview it looks like quite a nice richly detailed model to me.

Two regular issues are featured in this new selection, with issue 148 being the much demanded Dominion Battleship. I assume that weird black blob on it is some sort of image glitch.

After that we have the Krenim warship:

Among these solicitations is also the next XL model, the Akira class USS Thunderchild. The model photo is the same one previously released, but we do get a glimpse at the cover at least.

And finally we have the next Discovery issue, but alas no images of this yet, but the listing does reveal the Magee class USS Shran will be issue eleven in that series.

We will almost certainly get higher res previews of all of the above in the next couple of weeks, so check back soon for further news on the series.

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.


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Sabreman64 said...


I've been thinking for months that Eaglemoss needed to produce a V'Ger vessel. (Has the V'Ger vessel ever been produced in any form before? I'm not aware of one.) Now we just need a teeny tiny (really tiny) Enterprise model to accompany it in order to do flyovers.

There are still some original series and film ships Eaglemoss need to do - eg the Fesarius and Vulcan shuttle from The Motion Picture, and maybe one or two others i can't think of right now.

Sabreman64 said...

Oops. I've just seen in one of your posts from December that the Fesarius has been announced. We still need the Vulcan shuttle from The Motion Picture though.

Fox said...

Not a big fan of the price tag, but I cannot resist that Akira: so, so, so sexy!
Re: the Dominion Battleship, maybe the dark blotch is meant to be battle damage? Not something they've done before, but if it was an accident, you'd think they wouldn't use it for promotional photos.

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