Thursday 10 January 2019

New Star Trek Discovery coin

Perth Mint have released their latest Star Trek coin, making their second visit to Discovery, following last year's Burnham and USS Discovery pair. The new coin brings in more of the cast to celebrate the crew of the Discovery.

Like most of Perth Mint's collectable coins this has been minted in silver (two ounces), making it rather more value than the face value of two Tuvalu dollars. The Star Trek side features colour printing, while the other side features the head of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin is a limited mintage of 2000 coins.

The coin comes in a display case, the same style used for more of Perth Mint's Star Trek coins, featuring and illuminated ring around the coin.

Perth Mint have been issuing Star Trek coins since 2015, with character and ship focuses designs now spanning all the live-action Star Trek TV series. See my Trek Collective List for a look at all their previous designs.

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