Thursday 10 January 2019

Seven of Nine and Captain Proton fill the final Star Trek Mission Crate

Subscribers to Loot Crate's Star Trek Mission Crate have begun to receive their third subscription box in the series, the Voyager themed Dark Frontier crate. This much delayed crate was originally due to arrive early last year, but with every crate in the series delayed by months Loot Crate have now given up completely and cancelled the series half way through - More on that below, but first, let's look at what they did manage to send out!

The centerpiece of each of the Mission Crates is a QMx Mini Masters figurine (which also get seperate releases from QMx at a later date if you're keen to get hold of them). So far we've had Locutus of Borg, and Worf, and they are joined now by a Seven of Nine apparently pondering something. An eBay listing provided these photos of the figurine and packaging:

Other items in this crate include a nice Captain Proton T-shirt (images again via eBay);

And a Seven of Nine towel (eBay again):

A few other items are included; a QMx Voyager combadge, a Starfleet Command Voyager sticker, and some codes for bits and bobs in Star Trek Online. Here's the whole bunch, as photographed by Instagrammer Bobby1701E:

There were due to be three further Mission Crates, but Loot Crate have informed subscribers they will be bringing the series to a premature close. As reported by My Subscription Addiction, here is the notification they sent:

No doubt Star Trek items will continue to show up in other Loot Crates, as they have in the past. I wonder what went so wrong with this series that caused it so much trouble they just gave up!?

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