Saturday 30 September 2017

Ship bits: Eaglemoss concept Ambassador class, Fansets Discovery pin, and Mark Rademaker art

Some assorted starship bits and pieces for you today, starting with the latest from Eaglemoss: Ben Robinson has shared the following images on Twitter, of the forthcoming Starships Collection bonus issue concept art Ambassador class. This is based on Andrew Probert's original concept for the Enterprise-C, and that is the name of the ship we will get when this is released, although pictured here is a one-of-a-kind USS Ambassador version (I'd rather prefer the Ambassador myself, so it could sit among the fleet as the actual prototype of the class, oh well):

Elsewhere, FanSets have revealed a new USS Discovery/delta pin they will be offering at the New York Comic Con - report a limited edition of 750.

And finally, starship designer/artist Mark Rademaker posted this image on Facebook; it's an unfinished piece for the Ships of the Line calendar, featuring the Planck class from the Full Circle fleet.


Archaic Torso said...

Glad to see you are well and back in action, I appreciate your updates and posts on model ships and all things Star Trek

Marko N. said...

It was the USS Planck of the Merian class. The first calendar appearance called it Planck class for some reason. *nitpicking*.

Glad you're back in action!

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