Wednesday 20 September 2017

Mega Eaglemoss update: Discovery series sign up, Aventine images, and more issues previewed

Loads of Eaglemoss Starships Collection news landed today, including previews of several forthcoming issues. However top billing goes to the launch of the new Discovery series, which will featuring monthly releases of special-sized issues featuring ships from that series only. Starship designed John Eaves posted the first look at the USS Discovery model (UPDATE: And Eaglemoss' Ben Robinson has now released a much higher res version):

And the sign-up site has now launched, so far only revealing the previously announced USS Shenzhou and USS Discovery, in the form of a couple of nice renderings. The series is due to launch early next year:

UPDATE: The US version of the sign-up site has a few more views of the two ships, and also includes an FAQ, which states they currently plan to run for twenty ships (but I'm sure it will just carry on if Discovery keeps supplying us with ship designs):

Meanwhile over on the Eaglemoss shop, a listing has appeared for the USS Aventine, the second ships from Star Trek novels to join the collection, following the USS Titan. The Aventine is now available to pre-order, with an expected October 15th release. And here are the many new pictures of those lovely ship:

UPDATE: Eaglemoss' Hero Collector site has now poster a few additional and larger images:

Also newly available to pre-order (expected October 2nd), is the fourth oversized special, the Enterprise NX-01:

Meanwhile, the latest batch of solicitations have revealed new images of multiple new ships, including the next over-sized special, the USS Voyager. We've only got a cover for this so far however.

Then there's also another bonus issue, the first of the concept art ships in the series, the Phase II version of the USS Enterprise, seen here as a rendering and the cover:

From the main series, issue 111 is (gloriously) Captain Proton's Rocket Ship! The fact we are getting a model of this truly delights me (from the Voyager Captain Proton episodes of course).

This is followed with issue 112's USS Phoenix, the second Nebula class ship in the series,sporting the unique sensor pod design seen only in TNG's The Wounded.

Issue 113 provides a relatively rare Voyager alien ship in the series, the Lokirrim fighter. The design was used to represent ships of various species across the run of the series (and Enterprise too), but this version comes from the episode Body and Soul.

And finally, for now, the latest Wolf 359 ship, the Challenger class USS Baran, will be issue 114. It rather appears to be suffering from smallness though; I imagine due to it's height restricting it's overall proportions. No cover released for this one yet.

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Cube said...

It's a massive shame that the Discovery ship aren't in the same size as the other ships. I wanted to get them, but they're just too big.

Destructor1701 said...

Man, the paint job on the Discovery looks fantastic.

I'm thrilled they're doing the Phase II Enterprise!

NatMan17 said...

If Star Trek Discovery is out now and the Series is being released in the UK and US at the same time why is there still nothing for Australia, why do we have to wait for this too, we got an extremily limited USS Titan (I didnt even see it on the store) and USS Aventine, we havent gotten the SS Yorktown or the USS Defiant (the Connie) Whats happening here??

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