Wednesday 27 September 2017

DS9 books: new covers, blurbs, and excerpts

Here's a double dose of Deep Space Nine books news, with a new cover and blurb for a forthcoming ebook, and excerpts from a freshly released novel. Continue below to check them both out.

Due out in November, is Paula Block and Terry Erdmann's third DS9 ebook novella, I, The Constable. Like their previous novellas, Quark features, but as the title suggest, this time it is Odo starring. Check out the delightful new cover which has just been released (as spotted by Defcon's Treklit):

And there's also a new blurb, which makes this sound like a really fun romp:
With his Starfleet assignment temporarily on hold, Odo needs a distraction. He welcomes Chief O’Brien’s offer to loan him some of the action-packed books that both men relish: tales about hard-boiled private eyes, threatening thugs, and duplicitous dames. Then Quark suddenly goes missing during a hastily planned trip to Ferenginar. His concerned friends on Deep Space Nine feel that Odo, as the station’s former chief of security, is uniquely suited to track Quark down. But once on Ferenginar, Odo learns that Quark is trapped in the seamy underbelly of a criminal enterprise that could have been ripped from the pages of one of O’Brien’s novels. To find the bartender, Odo discovers that he must rely not only on his law enforcement background, but his knowledge of all things noir….
Meanwhile, the latest DS9 novel has just been released (yup we've got a double novel month thanks to the new Discovery novel also being out now). DS9 regular David R. George III is taking us aboard the USS Robinson in Original Sin, which is tantalising being released under the banner Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Gamma (is this the start of a new series within a series?).

As well as taking along on the Robinson's Gamma Quadrant mission of exploration, the blurb suggests this book will be filling in some of the blanks at the previously hinted at abduct of Sisko's daughter Rebecca.
At the end of 2385, in a significant shift of its goals from military back to exploratory, Starfleet sent Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of the U.S.S. Robinson on an extended mission into the Gamma Quadrant. Tasked with a yearlong assignment to travel unknown regions, they set out to fulfill the heart of Starfleet’s charter: to explore strange new worlds, and to seek out new life and new civilizations.

But now three months into the mission, their first contact with an alien species comes in the form of an unprovoked attack on the Robinson. With the ship’s crew suddenly incapacitated, seventy-eight of the 1,300 aboard are abducted—including Sisko’s daughter, Rebecca. But Rebecca had already been kidnapped years earlier by a Bajoran religious zealot, part of a sect believing that her birth fulfilled the prophecy of the arrival of the Infant Avatar. Does her disappearance now have anything to do with the harrowing events of the past? And for what purposes have these enemies taken Sisko’s daughter and the rest of the missing?
As this book has just been released, you can now read an excerpt:

Or if you prefer, listen to an excerpt, from the audiobook edition, read by Robert Petkoff:

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