Monday 18 September 2017

New TNG model and book sets

Running Press have revealed the latest two releases in their series of Star Trek "Miniature Editions", a novelty gift collection which typically includes a small model and a little booklet. Like their previous Star Trek releases, they are releasing two sets around the same time, a ship, and a prop, this time however they have moved on from TOS, with two TNG themed releases: Due out next April will be a Borg Cube, and a Tricorder, both featuring light and sound effects. Chip Carter returns to author the included booklets. Check them out below:

See my Trek Collective List to check out all the previous Star Trek Miniature Editions releases, and another list for a look at all the previous Borg Cube models.


Destructor1701 said...
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Destructor1701 said...

That Tricorder is 100% the 1990's Playmates toy - same screen graphic and insert.

The Borg Cube is the 1990's MicroMachines toy, and the box art is the Eaglemoss subscriber's reward Borg Cube.

This seems to be mock-up art.

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