Saturday 23 September 2017

New Discovery artwork, behind the scenes photos, and tie-in fiction details

CBS have released a new press kit for Discovery, which is packed full of new artwork, including several nice ship images. Continue below to check them out, and the other Discovery news of the day:

The kit also includes character profiles for most of the prominent characters we so far know about, including a few new images of them:

And some prop artwork is used for the pages on production staff credits:

Meanwhile, behind the scenes photo sharer, and writer/producer, Ted Sullivan continues to share, with one of his recent tweets revealing Emily Coutts's character in the show is Helmsman Keyla Detmer

Other recent images focus on details from the Klingon set:

And a nice Shenzhou schematic:

Finally, have posted another of their interviews, this time with Discovery writer and Star Trek novelist Kirsten Beyer. When asked about some of her favourite characters, one of those she singled out was Cadet Tilly:
She is a Starfleet officer unlike anything we have seen before, partially because of her inexperience. We're building from that notion that canon tells us both Kirk and Spock served these cadet years. We don't know what they were exactly. We don't know a lot about that, but we just ... It's there in history for us. So, we've imagined Tilly actually doing the same thing on our ship. I didn't hear her voice, though, until we cast Mary, and until I started to hear Mary. The minute she opened her mouth at the first table read, I was like, "Oh, my God." She just has her own rhythms, her own sensibilities. You're never going to mistake Mary for anybody else. And for me, that marriage between those two is perfect. Any time I get to write her, I'm just tickled.
She also spoke about her exciting role coordinating the tie in novels and comics with the work being done on the TV series:
I have a lot more work to do on the show now than I did when we started, and so my time is very, very limited. In addition, once we moved into production, everybody in Toronto heard about me as the girl you could ask anything about Star Trek to, so the emails and the phone calls ... It's a great problem to have, but it's a lot. So, serving as the liaison, part of it is that I still get to work professionally with the people I was with before on the novels, and I've been brought into this whole new world of comic books, which is fabulous. But it's the thing that I usually get to at the end of the day when I am most tired, and yet it requires so much focus. To read an entire novel two or three times. To make sure that the little changes that have happened in the room are now going to reflect it. It's an ambitious project that we have taken on ourselves to try to tie this series to its tie-in properties in a way that nothing has before, and I'm very proud so far of what we have done. The amount of energy it's going to require to sustain that, I don't know, but we're going to keep trying. It's going to be the goal, but Jiminy Christmas.
And how that lead to her co-writing the first Discovery comic series with Mike Johnson:
I didn't intend to be a co-author, but what happened is he and I are just great collaborators. We would sit down and just for hours talk story. This side of the story was tasked with the Klingon story. Where did this particular guy come from? So, imagining all of that, it was incredible. He is a great partner. Together, we build story. He then goes and puts it in the right format, and now that I've seen that a few times, I begin to understand, but still. We're still working on the first, and I'm watching that come to life before my eyes day by day. 
Which she also gave a short summary of:
The truth about T'Kuvma. It's who he is, and where he came from, and how we got to that moment. I don't think it's anything you expect or anything you've seen before.
You can read the whole interview on, which gives an interesting insight into Beyer straddling different media as a writer.

Star Trek: Discovery is due to start in the next couple of days, and it will be distributed almost everywhere in the world on Netflix, except for the US where is will be available on CBS All Access, and Canada where it will be on Bell Media channels and services. To keep track of all the latest details from the new show, visit my Star Trek: Discovery guide page.

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