Tuesday 7 July 2015

The Spectrum War #1 preview

Out this week is the first issue in The Spectrum War, the six-part nuTrek/Green Lantern crossover comic series. The series is written by nuTrek regular Mike Johnson, with absolutely stunning artwork from Star Trek first timer Angel Hernandez. Continue below for a five page preview from this first issue, and some other nuTrek comics news, but first, new covers.

This issue sets a new record for the number of covers available for a Star Trek comic, with twenty-six on offer, mostly as retailer exclusives. There are twenty different designs within that number, with variants of a few of those making up the remainder. You can see most of those in previous reports, here, and here. But there are two we've not seen until now: The GameStop exclusive, featuring lots of green tribbles, is by Rachael Stott, with colours by Francesca Zambon:

And the ThinkGeek exclusive is by John Midgley.

Here are the first five pages:

You can continue reading this story by picking up a copy at your local comic book shop, or from online retails like these: Amazon.com, Things From Another World, Hastings, Forbidden Planet, iTunes.

In other nuTrek news, Amazon have added a listing for New Adventures, Volume 2. This is the second mega omnibus of the nuTrek ongoing series, including issues thirteen to twenty-four, which feature the voyages of the Enterprise before and after Into Darkness, as well as several flashback issues filling in character backstory, and the mirror universe two-parter.

Amazon are expecting this to arrive in November, and have also released a low-res cover preview, and this blurb:
The New Adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue with stories focusing on the new crew in the new timeline that takes place between the first and second movies plus the story "After Darkness," which picks up where Star Trek Into Darkness leaves off, all with creative collaboration with writer/producer Roberto Orci! Collects issues #13-24 of the ongoing Star Trek series.

If you're a comics fan, you might always want to check out the two latest episodes in Visionary Treks' The Holodeck podcast, which both have nuTrek artists on as guests, in one they talk to Tony Shasteen, and the other, Rachael Stott. Both artists discusses their processes, and how they found their way into working on Trek comics.

For full listings of all the upcoming Star Trek comic releases, and links to my previous coverage, hit the comics button on my 2015 schedule page.

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