Thursday 23 July 2015

ThinkGeek keeps us in uniform at all times

ThinkGeek, ever keen to maintain the standard of dress for Starfleet officers in the 24th century, have already offered us socks, ties, T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, pajamas, and even baby-clothes, all inspired by the TNG uniform. Now in their determination to uphold Starfleet's dress codes they've added two more types of clothing to their catalogue, to ensure whatever we are doing, we're never out of uniform! Check them out below, plus another new release that Starfleet officers definitely shouldn't be handling.

Available in all three department colours, the new TNG uniform apron is ready to protect you from unexpected tomato discharges when chopping up pizzas using the Enterprise-D, or any other kitchen protection needs.

These are a sequel of sorts to the TOS uniform apron released a couple of years ago. A completely new innovation is the TNG uniform cardigan, which is also offered in all department colours.

In an unfortunate bit of timing, these have been released at almost exactly the same time as Her Universe's The Captain Picardigan. The two designs have quite different interpretations of the uniform in cardigan form though, so I'm sure each design will find its own fans.

Finally in the latest releases from ThinkGeek, something no Starfleet officer should be caught using, glasses for the consumption of (illegal) Romulan ale.

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