Wednesday 1 July 2015

New tough or cuddly Trek-wear from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek have added a couple of Star Trek items to their range, ready to wrap up trekkies, be you tough as nails or soft as kittens (or if you're a bit of both!). Continue below to check them out:

The perfect uniform for any Klngon biker gangs, the new "Sons of Stovokor" denim jacket features all sorts of Klingon designs and text, as ThinkGeek describe:
This jacket features the emblem of the Klingon Empire embroidered on the chest with a back patch which reads "Onward to Sto-vo-kor" in transliterated Klingon characters (well, technically "Sthovoqor" - it's like a Klingon with a slight speech impediment said it - maybe as the result of a jaw broken in battle?) on the top and "It is a good day to die" in tlhIngan Hol beneath a Klingon skull and crossed bat'leths.

While the Klingon Empire is busy marauding, Starfleet are all a bunch of softies. So much so they are now even issuing uniforms in blanket form. Only for commanding officers though. The rank braiding makes a lovely detail on this TOS uniform inspired fleece blanket:

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