Friday 10 July 2015

QMx's artisan replica USS Enterprise

At the San Diego Comic Con, QMx have unveiled the latest addition to their artisan replica range of high quality model starships, a 1:350 scale USS Enterprise. You might see this as a somewhat enhanced replica, as QMx have added some extra details compared the original studio model, including an intricate, but subtle, aztecing pattern on the hull, and glowing blue panels on the nacelles. Continue below to check it out.

Displayed alongside the starship Enterprise was a much smaller model of the space shuttle Enterprise.

Images all come via Toy Ark and, and if you visit their galleries you can see many more views of the impressive model.

Meanwhile QMx did have a few other Star Trek bits on display, mostly things that are already in the wild. The exception was the 1/6th scale Captain Picard action figure, who this time was displayed in the TV era uniform (and on a rather uncomfortable looking stand!). When he was previewed at the Toy Fair earlier in the year he was dressed up in First Contact era garb - I wonder if one of both options will make it when he comes up for order.


Unknown said...

Not that I have the cash laying around to get an Art Asylum model, but if I did, the aztecing and weathering on the TOS Enterprise would stop be from getting it. Yes, the original did have some weathering, but it didn't look that pronounced on-screen. As for the aztecing, that is totally not relevant to this particular model. Too bad.

8of5 said...

Good thing about the QMx models is you can customise them to whatever spec you like, so you could just ask them not to add the aztecing :)

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