Friday 10 July 2015

Femme Fatale Troi and other Trek from DST's Comic Con display

Diamond Select Toys had plenty of Trek stuff to show off in their booth at this weekend's San Diego Comic Con, but there's just one entirely new reveal, which is their second Star Trek Femme Fatale statue. Joining the existing provocatively posed Seven of Nine PVC statue will be Deanna Troi, who has a bit more of a no-nonsense attitude about her, while sporting her pilot episode mini-dress uniform.

I wonder if they'll do a Men Fatales line one day with Riker in a skant...

The other big news is that the Mego-style retro cloth action figures are making a return. Captain Pike, the Salt Vampire, Uhura, Sulu, and the Mugato, along with the bridge playset. All have been previously released, but some years ago now, and I'm sure the fiftieth anniversary might have a wee bit of influence on bringing back these nostalgic designs. No news yet whether the other dozen or so characters in the range will also get reissued, but the five on display would certainly seem an odd selection to prioritise! Continue after the jump to check out everything else on display.

The rest of the display was all stuff that has previously been previewed, the brand new Romulan Bird of Prey, the updated reissue of the Enterprise NX-01, and the Worf bust bank.

Images above come via Pop-critica,, Toy News International, and Action Figure Fury, all of which have many more images in their galleries, so do check them out to scrutinise all these items from every angle!

Finally, available exclusivity at Comic Con is the variant translucent USS Defiant model. There will only be two-hundred on offer, but if any remain after the event they are likely to be offered via DST's online shop. The DST Facebook page and released a few more images of this, which give a much better idea of what it looks like than the previous mock-ups:


Efer said...

Hi! Congrutalions to Blog! I love The Trek Collective. I live on Brazil and I'm a 44 old Star Trek fan and collector. I'm here every day!
Funny Troi be a femme fatale... It could have been Vina first,,, But it's a beautiful vinyl statue.
I wouuld like this "Nostalgic Retro Mego Wave" could make appear the "Misssion to Gamma VI" playset.It would be a glorious 50th anniversary! Please, think DST, think!! :)

8of5 said...

Agree on both ideas Efer, Vina would be a perfect subject for the Femme Fatales range!

8of5 said...

Also mirror universe Uhura would be ideal!

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