Sunday 12 July 2015

Uglydoll Star Treking at Comic Con

Uglydoll had an impressive and mostly Star Trek themed display at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, including all their current Star Trek Uglydolls, the new Comic Con exclusive Klingon and redshirt, and massive eye-catching graphics from Fathead. They also some Star Trek themed give-aways, and new sets of Star Trek Uglydoll Fathead stickers. Continue below to check it all out. Here's the booth in all it's glory:

There were hordes of  plushes, under big banners, my favourite juxtaposition has the Uglydoll Klingon standing over numerous redshirt corpses!

Star Trek designs also featured on tops and bags being given away.

And finally there were smaller scale Fathead graphics available on sticker sheets. I don't know if any of these new items will be available more widely at some point, so far Fathead do have Uglydoll and Star Trek stickers available on their website, but not combination. 

Images above mostly come from Action Figure Insider (which have many more photos in their gallery), with a few extras from the Uglydoll and David Horvath Instagrams.

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