Sunday 31 August 2014

Titan petition, 1000 down, 4000 to go!

A little over a week ago I started a petition to get the USS Titan included in The Official Starships Collection. This came after my interview with The Collection's manager, Ben Robinson, who noted:
...if more than 5,000 people sign up solemnly promising to buy a Titan or an Enterprise-F, we'll almost certainly do it.
Ben later clarified that five-thousand is the number of pre-orders he would need to get a special issue of The Collection made.
I am completely serious about doing ships like the Titan, the Ent-F, the Aventine etc IF we can get enough people committing to buying them. What I need is 5,000 plus email addresses that we can contact. If they all agree to pre-order a ship we'll do it as a special in addition to the regular ones we have planned. If you wanted it as a regular priced issue I'd need a lot more names. 5,000 is a big ask believe me!

As of today we are over a fifth of the way there, with now more than one-thousand signatures on the petition. Of course that means we still need to find almost four-thousand more Titan fans to make this happen! So we need to spread the word - Lots of you have already been sharing the petition on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere - Please continue to do so, we need to track down every Titan fan that would sign up for a model, and get them to sign! The more people hear about it the sooner we can make out way to five-thousand and get that model made.

Thanks already to other Trek bloggers and podcasters that have run features on the campaign. So far I noticed pieces by Star Trek Blog, Visionary Trek, Trek Lit Reviews, and Literary Treks. If there are any other Trek or sci-fi webmasters reading, a signal boost to the petition would really help it along. But every voice helps, if you know just one person that reads the Titan novels, make sure they know about this.

If you're not yet convinced on the case for the Titan, I have compiled a history of Sean Tourangeau's design. The Titan, by name, is a canon ship, and the design has appeared not just on the covers of the Titan book series, but in comics, calendars, video games, and exhibitions. And history aside, it's a cool Starfleet ship design, and we all love those!

So, sign that petition, and then spread the word. Let's make this happen!

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Fox said...

There's a big difference between "5000 email addresses" of people who would buy it, and your little poll that doesn't limit ISPs to single votes, etc.

Titan is never going to be part of the collection.

If it were--or if any non-canon ships were--it wouldn't be difficult to gauge the demand. Eaglemoss has the email addresses of 100% of subscribers. They can easily email every single one of us and ask, "would you buy XXX" or "YYY," and gauge the demand very easily and very swiftly thusly.

That they're unwilling to even do that little indicates that they don't have the slightest interest in non-canon ships. They'd rather re-release older models with different paintjobs.

Christopher Dilloway said...

They're most likely doing the NX-01 refit, which is non-canon.

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