Saturday 2 August 2014

Ship bits: QMx Reliant, and lots of other ships news

Lots of model ships news for you, including updates from The Official Starships Collection, Hallmark, Attack Wing, and Round 2 Models.

But first, at the San Diego Comic Con QMx revealed the next ship in their high-end artisan replica range, the USS Reliant. The highly detailed model beautifully replicates the Reliant, and even expands on it, with fitted out shuttlebays.

No details on when this will come, but you can expect to pay thousands if you want to nab one when the opportunity arises. Images here via TrekMovie and Tomopop, which both have more images of this model, and other previously announced QMx products which were on display at Comic Con.

And one more image, straight from QMx, giving a look behind the scenes, and a nice sense of scale:

Continue after the jump for lots more starships news:

Also on display at Comic Con was Hallmark's 2015 Keepsake range. As I previously reported, next year's ship ornament with be the Enterprise-C. TrekMovie also got a nice shot of that model:

Finally, after having apparently being delayed much longer than regular issues behind the UK release, coming to the US in the next few weeks is the second special issue in The Official Starships Collection, the nuTrek USS Enterprise. News of this comes from an email sent to US subscribers (shared on Facebook by Shawn Carr).

Already out meanwhile is the latest wave of Attack Wing expansion ships for the ever growing miniatures game. Wave six includes: "Soong" (aka the odd Borg ship from Descent), USS Enterprise (TOS refit version), and the Dominion's 2nd division cruiser. Here's what they look like all packed up (via Wizkids):

And here's a look at the contents of each pack: have run more extensive previews of each ship, detailing the different cards included. You can find there here: Soong, Enterprise, Dominion.

Wizkids have also announced they will be offering an exclusive cloaked ships pack at Gen Con later this month. The pack will come with twelve different cloaked ships, all previously released ships, made from translucent, starry black plastic. The ships don't come with the usual stands and card packs, they are intended to be switched out for the regular ships. Although the pack does come with eight exclusive DS9 upgrade cards.

The ships in the pack will be the Federation USS Defiant, Klingon D7, Bird-of-Prey, Vor'cha, and Negh'Var, Romulan Bird-of-Prey, science vessel, scout, D'deridex, Valdore, and Praetus, and the Dominion/Cardassian Koranak.

Finally, the Round 2 Models blog, has previewed the set of decals they will be releasing soon (by the end of the month they hope), to go with the recently released USS Reliant model kit. The sheets will includes oodles of aztecing panels, plus all the other hull markings you might require, including lots of name and registration options.

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