Wednesday 22 January 2014

The spinning starships gallery of giddiness

Eaglemoss have updated the galleries on the The Official Starships Collection's website with new images of forthcoming ships in the series. Including this week's (in the UK at least) much anticipated Akira class model. While preparing to post these images, it occurred to me that the 360 degree preview images could be turned into animations, and once I'd done one I found myself unable to resist doing them all (as you'll be able to see if you continue down page).

As well as 360 shots, Eaglemoss have also released top and bottom images of each ship, so here's a new look at the Akira from both sides:

The Collection's Facebook page also posted a preview page from the magazine. It looks a bit peculiar with the two-page spread chopped in half, but here's the start of the history of the Akira class:

Continue after the jump for previews of the next three issues. Plus animations of all the models in the series so far!

The Jem'Hadar battle cruiser will be out in couple of weeks, as the thirteenth issue of the series. Here she is 360, and from top and bottom:

The Galor class is issue fourteen, and Eaglemoss have also revealed the cover for this one:

This is followed by the Nova class USS Equinox, which also has a new cover:

The Star Trek Facebook page also released a new image featuring several ships from the series:

And finally, here are all the other ships in the series so far, doing their spinning thing:

PS. For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.


nwg said...

I am not a subscriber so will be picking up the Akira tomorrow. I also can't wait for the JemHadar but not at all fussed about the Galor. It doesn't look like a good a model. Definitely getting the Equinox

Unknown said...

So they never did add the name to the ship. That's a bit annoying. Still a great model and one of my favorite ships so a must buy.

Cube said...

I'll be picking up all the new ones - the Galor looks much better than the previous pictures.

Fox said...

Such a shame: all those ships will take ~2 months to hit NA.

After the disappointing Voyager, I'm quite happy to see that the next several models all look absolutely fantastic.

nwg said...

The Akira is not supposed to have the name on it. No idea why though.

Fox said...

The Akira doesn't have a name on it because they never added it to the model, because they never intended for the Akira to be close enough to the camera to see the portion of the hull that would bear the name.

nwg said...

The Akira got pretty close to the camera in first contact.

I just picked mine up and a nacelle broke off. It obviously wasn't glued on properly.

nwg said...

Just noticed the Akira has spelling error on the side/

United Feoeraion of Planets

8of5 said...

Well, I'm very happy with my Akira, great model of a great ship.

I wouldn't have minded a non-canon addition of USS Thunderchild marked on the hull (one of my favourite starship names). But can hardly criticise them for being screen accurate I guess!

I'm sure if you contact Eaglemoss you'll be able to get a replacement for your broken one, nwg.

nwg said...

Eaglemoss won't replace it as it is from a shop. Luckily I got a receipt so I can get a replacement but the others they had worse paint on them.

Fox said...

The Eaglemoss stuff is just riddled with mistakes/errors. Many of which were pointed out to them (and acknowledged by them) months in advance of initial distribution--like the Excelsior's numerous problems, the Defiant's wonky paint job, Voyager's mold quality, etc.

8of5 said...

It doesn't matter how much we point out errors in preview images, by the time they are being distributed production is well underway.

Whatever minor errors have shown up in the Eaglemoss ships, they are still the highest quality models at this scale we've ever had, at a very reasonable price, and building to the biggest range of such models ever offered. I'm not even close to dissatisfied.

Fox said...

That's not entirely true. While most of the molds are way better than anything else at this scale, not all of them are.

For example, the Furuta Voyager looks much better than the Eaglemoss one. Hell, even the much smaller MicroMachines Voyager has more detail.

And the Furuta Defiant has the same detail as the Eaglemoss ship, at a much smaller scale, with correct paint.

The problem with the Eaglemoss line is that ship quality is wildly inconsistent.

Destructor1701 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Destructor1701 said...

Fox, "Not completely perfect" is not the same thing as "bad".

8of5 is right, these are the best-looking, best-value line of small ship models ever.
So there are a handful of duds in the collection - aren't there always?
No reason to grouse. Just enjoy them.

Great work on the gifs, 8of5 - you just about killed my phone! :p
Your Trek collective coverage is the best on the net.

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