Thursday 23 January 2014

Tuvok coming to Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios have announced their latest bit of Star Trek casting. Following from Denise Crosby returning as Natasha Yar and Sela, and Michael Dorn voicing Worf in the Star Trek Online, the next actor to bring their character back to life in the game with Tim Russ. Tuvok, now an admiral and in command of the USS Voyager, will be turning up in STO's 4th anniversary feature episode, "A Step Between Stars". Cryptic released the following video, in which Russ discusses his latest reprisal of the role:

UPDATE: The Star Trek Online screenshots gallery has been updated with new images of Tuvok, which I've added here.

UPDATE 2: One of the Star Trek Online team posted the image now at the top of the page, showing Admiral Tuvok's new uniform. Thanks to Twitterer TLO SFC3 for pointing me towards it.

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