Thursday 9 January 2014

New images of Square Enix's nuTrek figures.

Square Enix have released new images of their forthcoming Play Arts KAI Star Trek action figures. At some as-yet-to-be-determined point this year, they will be releasing two figures, nuTrek versions of Kirk and Spock. ToyArk posted two images of each:


Unknown said...

Jeez they look awful, suppose they fit the new movie well.

Unknown said...

Yeah, these look absolutely horrible. They look like some generic anime interpretation of what they look like in the movies. As much as I was wanting some action figures after seeing Into Darkness... these are not what I wanted to see.

I'm afraid to see how the other characters turn out. I actually kinda hope these are the only two they do. That way I never have to see my favorite character Bones like this.

Hopefully a company who knows what they are doing get's the nuTrek licensing before the next movie comes out. I'm still kinda pissed over Hasbro's abysmal attempt at it.

I kinda hope Funko get's the licensing. Their new Legacy and reAction lines would be perfect for some nuTrek action figures. Even better if their licensing to do ST classic Pop vinyls expanded to those lines too.

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