Saturday 25 January 2014

Book bits: Serpents, Voyager, and German covers

The latest books news, starting with the first look at the cover for Jeff Mariotte's TOS movie-era return to A Private Little War's planet Neural, Serpents in the Garden. Amazon have added this cover to their listings:

Serpents in the Garden is due out in May. Meanwhile Kirsten Beyer has posted news of another 2014 book on the TrekBBS, revealing her next Voyager novel, Acts of Contrition, is to be the October book. Thanks to Unreality SF's Jens Defner for pointing me towards that news.

And further thanks to Jens for helping decipher some of the latest news from German publisher Cross Cult, who have released final versions of several of their covers for forthcoming books on their Star Trek books Facebook page. The big news is that they plan to release Michael A. Martin's Romulan War books as a trilogy, having opted to split Beneath the Raptor's Wing (Unter den Schwingen des Raubvogels) into two books. Here's the new cover art for the first part:

They have also released the finalised version of the second part, which uses the previously released artwork for the book when it was to be a single volume. They've yet to release the final version of To Brave the Storm, but they previously released artwork, so you can get an idea of what the final triptych will look like:

Books parts of Unter den Schwingen des Raubvogels are expected in August, while the German version of To Brave the Storm has to wait until early 2015.

Continue after the jump for a look at the finalised versions of several other Cross Cult books:

Coming in March and April is David R. George III's Typhon Pact duology, Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn. Cross Cult is reusing the original cover art, but added the blue dashes that feature on their other Typhon Pact covers. The German titles for both have now been revealed; they will be known as Heimsuchung and Schatten.

May and June see Christie Golden's Voyager relaunch duology Spirit Walk, or Geistreise. Here are the finalised covers for those:

July brings Michael A. Martin's Titan book Fallen Gods, or in German, Gefallene Götter. Cross Cult have rejected the boring US cover in favour of their own design, but maintained the normal Titan book style:

And finally Una McCormack's Brinkmanship, to be known in Germany as Risiko, is due in September, and features new starship artwork instead of the original floating heads:

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