Tuesday 7 January 2014

IDW to launch photocomics as second ongoing series

John Byrne has revealed some huge news in a cunningly understated comment on the thread in his forum in which he has been chronicling the development of his Star Trek photocomic:
Here we are, a little over a month shy of the first anniversary of my beginning this thread, and this morning I shipped off to Chris Ryall some seventy new pages. The "evolution" of this project has been brisk, to say the least. From "fanfic" to Paramount approved one-shot, to ongoing series!
Byrne previously hinted at this possibility when talking about his first photocomic in the run-up to the release last month, but now it would seem to have become a reality. After something of a dry spell when it comes to prime-timeline releases form IDW, this will be a bit of a turn around, with the promise of new TOS stories every month, starting soon. Presuming the nuTrek ongoing series is continuing, that also means we'll be getting at least two Star Trek comics a month for the foreseeable future.

Byrne has been busy working on more photocomics since he got the first one finished, with the second story, The Mirror, Cracked, teased on the back page of the first longer one-shot story, Strange New Worlds. Byrne has already noted that story might be released as two regular issues rather than another one-shot, so maybe it will become part of the new series? Here's a page from that story, also release by Byrne on his forum:

IDW's solicitations up until March have already been released, so I wouldn't expect this new series to start any earlier than April. We'll find out if it's that soon in the next week or so, when April's solicitations should appear.

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