Friday 31 January 2014

Latest starship developments from Holland Space Yards

The starship designers and engineers at Holland Space Yards have been busy working on developments in Starfleet's slipstream fleet lately. That is to say, master starship designer Mark Rademaker, has posted some interesting new images, and video, lately. First up, the his latest development drawing for the Full Circle refit of the USS Voyager:

Mark also posted a video on Facebook, demonstrating a hidden feature on another class in the Full Circle fleet. Prepare to have your mind blown by the sheer elegance of the Vesta class performing saucer separation:

Finally Mark has also recently posted several images of his smaller slipstream ship, the USS Spirit, the star of Mark's second Ships of the Line image, from the 2009 calendar. These latest images are actually a slightly different design to that used in the calendar, with different nacelle pylons. Here she is, untextured, having made a water landing, which really seems to suit the design:

Mark also posted a series of orthagraphic views of the USS Spirit; this side view shows what's below the water-line quite nicely:

You can see the other views of the Spirit, and more of Mark's designs, in his Star Trek album on Facebook.

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