Monday 1 July 2013

More Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who crossovers

Things From Another World have added listing for another T-shirt in the Star Trek/The Big Bang Theory crossover range. The Big Bang Theory gang are pictured in Starfleet uniforms once again, and this time the girls get to join the crew too. In a very cool touch, the title The Big Bang Theory is using the Gold Key Comics Star Trek font!

Funko have also revealed more Star Trek/The Big Bang Theory crossover toys (following on from their Wacky Wobblers). Their new line of Mystery Mini figurines feature The Big Bang Theory characters, at least one each of the main characters, plus many variants of Sheldon. All the boys also have a Starfleet uniform variant. Here's the entire series (image via Toyark, where you can also see the packaging for these):

The Big Bang Theory isn't the only franchise getting the Star Trek crossover treatment. Entertainment Earth has also announced a second Star Trek crossover monitor mates and lunch tin set, which like the previously announced Twilight Zone crossover, will be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. This time they are using artwork from the TNG/Doctor Who crossover comic Assimilation2, to decorate the lunch tin, while the monitor mates will be the TARDIS and the Enterprise-D. For some reason only the TARDIS will actually come with the tin; you have to send off to get the Enterprise-D.


Unknown said...

The shirt is nice, but I feel too many of them are wearing blue tunics. I think Raj should be wearing gold, and Penny should be wearing red.

The mini-figures are kinda nifty. Look like they're made out of play-doe/clay. Though I don't get why there are so many versions of Sheldon. Two Superman shirts is a bit excessive. If I see these at retail, I'll probably try and get one of everyone. Most likely the normal-clothed versions of the guys. Not sure which Sheldon I want. I'm thinking either the Flash shirt or the Green Lantern shirt.

8of5 said...

I agree, on both the uniform selections on the shirt, and the cuteness of the figures. I think Sheldon is generally over-represented in Big Bang stuff, he would appear to be a lot more popular than the other guys. Moreover the girls are forever underplayed, when Penny was as important a character as any of the guys form the start and Amy and Bernadette are equally so these days.

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