Saturday 20 July 2013

Another ebook coming this year

Here's a pleasant surprise, despite Michael A. Martin's forthcoming TOS ebook, Seasons of Light and Darkness, not being expected until April next year, it appears Simon and Schuster might be stepping up the releases of Star Trek ebooks, to being more than an annual treat, after all.

A new listing has appeared on their website for a TOS story, Shadow of the Machine, by Scott Harrison, who is making his Star Trek debut; his previous works include prose, comics, and audiobooks, including steampunk and Blake's Seven stories. The Simon and Schuster website suggests this is coming in December. There is something a little odd though, while the list price ($3.99) and format (ebook only) are consistent with this being a new ebook novella, the page count is way off; at three-hundred-and-four pages this should be a novel. So unless Simon and Schuster are planning to start releasing rather cheap ebook-only novels, something here should be changing. I guess we'll find out by the end of the year! UPDATE: The author has confirmed this will be a novella, and also posted on his blog a summary of his story, which is set after The Motion Picture:
Set four days after the events of the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture it will deal with the aftermath of the crew's encounter with V'Ger, as the Enterprise returns to drydock to finish its refit. The story will follow the characters of Kirk, Spock and Sulu as they return to their families, each haunted by their own particular personal demon.
Thanks to Jim, of Jim's Star Trek books, for pointing me towards this.


Defcon said...

It's indeed an eBook novella. I've asked Scott Harrison on Twitter and he confirmed it:

Defcon said...
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Defcon said...

Scott Harrison has posted about the book on his blog including a short synopsis:

8of5 said...

Very happy to see another non-TV era TOS story!

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