Wednesday 10 July 2013

First details of Into Darkness home video extra features

Paramount have officially announced the bluray and DVD release of Into Darkness, confirming a September release, on the 10th specifically. report the release's special features have all been produced in-house at Bad Robot:
The special features included in the combo packs detailed below were produced entirely by Abrams' Bad Robot Productions and captured in spectacular high quality on Red Epic cameras for a uniquely intimate perspective of the filmmakers' process. list the following featurettes to be included on the bluray release, but not it seems on the DVD only release:
• Creating the Red Planet – Experience the creation of a never-before-seen alien world, as featured in the action-packed opening sequence of the film.

• Attack on Starfleet – Go behind the scenes with the cast and filmmakers and witness the creation of the shocking attack on Starfleet Headquarters.

• The Klingon Home World – Discover the stunning world of Kronos, and see how the filmmakers reinvented the Klingons for a new generation.

• The Enemy of My Enemy – Find out how, and why, the identity of the film's true villain was kept a mystery to the very end.

• Ship to Ship – An in-depth and thrilling look at the filming of the iconic space jump sequence, which both defied the laws of physics and pushed the limits of visual effects.

• Brawl by the Bay – Sit in with Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch as they revisit their intense preparation for the film's breathtaking climax.

• Continuing the Mission – An inspiring look at the partnership between the film's crew and the organization that assists returning veterans to find meaningful ways to contribute on the home front.
Which sounds like reasonably good coverage of the film in terms of documentaries. Compared to the more elaborate releases of the previous film there are some notable missing features though: No mention of an audio commentary, deleted scenes, gag reels, or the nice simulator tour things that gave us a good look at the new ships last time. We know there's at least one deleted scene from the film, and I would hope at very least we get a commentary (what film doesn't have a commentary these days?), so hopefully details of more features will surface later.

UPDATE: Yahoo have posted an excerpt from the "Brawl by the Bay" video. They don't allow embedding, so you'll have to make your way there to check it out.

Amazon's collector's edition, with a phaser!
As I've previously reported, the film will be released in multiple formats, including 3D bluray, bluray, and DVD. The bluray releases also include DVD and digital copy discs, and the 3D release also comes with a standard bluray copy.

There will also be retailer exclusive versions such as the Amazon release with a QMx phaser prop or Walmart in Canada's offer of a nuKlingon Mimobot. In at least some markets there will be combo packs of Into Darkness and the previous film as well. Steelbook packaging is also expected on a few releases; so far listings indicate the French version of the Amazon collector's edition, and the Italian bluray combo pack of both nuTrek films, and Walmart in the US's bluray, which also comes with a Hot Wheels USS Vengeance:

Note the front cover on that steelbook cover combines elements from two different posters. Here are pre-order links for the various releases:

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