Monday 8 July 2013

Star Trek Online's latest starships

The starship designers in the twenty-fifth century have been a busy bunch lately. Between the launch of the new Romulan faction, the newly expanded Klingon faction, and various other events and updates in recent weeks there's quite an armada of new starships flying around the Star Trek Online universe at the moment.

My favourite new ships come from the latest Lock Box offering, this time themed on the Tal Shiar. Some of the ships you might get from your box include Tal Shiar Borg-infused designs, in the same vein as the Narada. There are two of these ships; either the Llaihr class destroyers, based on the Romulan Dhelan class; or the Khnial class battle cruisers, which is a variant of the D'deridex class warbird. The Llaihr class is armed with Narada-style "shrapnel torpedoes". They look like this:

You can find out more about these ships, and the other items in the Tal Shiar lock boxes, here, and here. The Romulan fleet has also been supplemented by another big spiky monster, the Scimitar. Three variants of the Scimitar have been released: The original Scimitar class has a tactical focus, while the Falchion class has an engineering specialism, and the Tulwar class is more scientifically orientated.

Each ship offers its own unique systems, and all can also deploy Scorpion class fighters, or Romulan drone ships; the latter has the same sort of holographic systems as seen in Enterprise. There are also additional systems if you collect more than one of the variants, including the Thalaron pulse weapon if you have all three.

You can find out more about the Scimitar in Online, here, and here. Continue after the jump for a video showing these new ships in action, plus even more new starships, including Suliban cell ships, Risan corvettes, and highlights from the new Romulan fleet:

The Suliban are coming to STO in the form of a rare bonus in the latest duty officer pack. The cell ship offered is in fact several stuck together, available in a variety of configurations:

The latest seasonal event in STO is a summer holiday to Risa, where you can also pick up some special treats, including a new Risan corvette; apparently a racing ship design. This too is available in many designs, including some very bright paint jobs!

Finally, the addition of the Romulans as a playable race in STO means there are lots more Romulan ships now! Here are some of my favourites, starting with the Haakona class, which has a separation feature:

D'ridthau class
Valdore class

You can find out more about all the new ships, and everything else recently added to STO, in their series of Legacy of Romulus dev blogs.

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