Friday 26 July 2013

Cubify: The Next Generation

Cubify have launched the next instalment in their 3D printed Star Trek figurine range; you can now get custom versions of yourself in a TNG uniform. Like their previous TOS offering, you can select your gender, build, department, and props. All you need to do is upload two photos of your head to Cubify's TNG browser app, and before you know you've got a little 3D printed you, which will look a bit like these: posted some examples, showing the photos that became Cubify's sample figures:

If you'd like your own 3D printed self, make your way to Cubify's TNG or TOS apps. And for more about how it all works, check out my previous report, which has a couple of videos showing the the 3D printing process.


Unknown said...

I'm definitely going to have to have a TOS figure/statue of me made some day. If possible I'm going to save-up and get one made later this year. I doubt I'll get a TNG version of me made, but it would be kind of tempting. Maybe if they're still doing these a year or two from now.

You know what would be a great idea for them to do? Custom Star Trek wedding cake toppers. Maybe even base them off the dress uniforms.

Unknown said...

Just noticed the poll on the TNG page for what alien species they should do next. It was a tough decision between Klingon and Andorian, but I ended up voting for Klingon. Though I would love to see them do Andorians too.

That said I wonder if they'll just do a TNG styled Klingon. While that would be good, I would love the ability to make myself a TOS styled Klingon. Would go nice with the TOS me I'll have.

8of5 said...

You could of course use these as wedding cake toppers, but you're right a dress uniform version would be more fitting, and indeed some sort of combined base would be cute.

I didn't notice that alien pool before. I'd go for Borg! But Andorian would be fun too, they're much cooler looking than Klingons!

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