Wednesday 24 March 2021

Mego's latest TOS and Discovery action figures

Mego are making a busy start to the year for Star Trek toy collectors, with lots of new action figures newly released or coming soon based on Discovery and TOS. Continue below to check out their Scotty, Doctor McCoy, Salt Vampire, Michael Burnham, and...

Here's the Disco version of Captain Pike(ad), supplied with classic TOS Mego-styled equipment (cute), but an appropriately Disco styled uniform, complete with printed deltas on the boots.

If you'd prefer an all out The Cage version of Pike, then you'll have to seek out the DST/EMCE rendition(ad) of a a decade ago.

Pike should be starting to show up any time now, and will join Michael Burnham(ad) who has been available a couple of weeks, and Saru(ad) who was release last year. Here's a look at the new Burnham figure (see previous report to check out Saru):

Also coming very soon are three new TOS characters, among them an alien, the Salt Vampire(ad). This isn't wholly new, as it appears to reuse the same design as the DST/EMCE Mego revival range(ad) of a decade ago; but this is a rare figure in that collection so a welcome return, complete with onsie style fur n'all!

Alongside the Salt Vampire the final gaps in the main TOS crew are now being filled after a little wait - Kirk(ad), Spock(ad), Uhura(ad), Sulu(ad), and Chekov(ad) were all released a couple of years ago.

The new Doctor McCoy(ad) is very much new, with a grumpier than ever head sculpt, and for the first time for Mego, presented in his short sleeved scrubs, rather than regular uniform of the original 1970s release(ad) or previous DST/EMCE reissue(ad).

Scotty(ad) has also been updated with a brand new head:

To celebrate the release of the new crew, Mego Museum released this all out retro advert for the range:

One other Mego update comes from the UK distributors Heathside Trading, who have started creating 3-packs of existing figures (literally popping the single packs into a bigger box). So far they've released a Wrath of Khan set(ad), with all three of the movie era characters so far available in one box:

And coming soon is a TOS TV-era one(ad), which will include Kirk and Spock, and either Chekov (per listing details) or Sulu (per box mock-up art):

For more Mego updates, check back through my Mego tag. And to keep track of all the latest Star Trek toy releases, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2021 schedule page.


JML said...

Just have to cut the middle finger off of Scotty's had and it will be a perfect likeness.

NX01JB said...

McCoy and Scotty have the wrong insignia.

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