Thursday 4 March 2021

More Picard ships previewed from Eaglemoss' Star Trek Universe starships collection

To formally mark the launch of Eaglemoss' new Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection(ad), IGN have released lots of new images, including the first look at several models in the collection - The series will eventually feature ships from all the current live action Star Trek series, but for the first ten issues it's all Picard, so this gives us some of our best looks yet at several of the ships from that series. Continue below to check them out.

Eaglemoss don't specify issue numbers, but we know the first four, and they do name them in this order. So we have:
  1. La Sirena(ad), Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter. 
  2. USS Zheng He(ad), Starfleet Inquiry class.
  3. Kar Kantar's refit classic Romulan Bird of Prey(ad).
  4. Seven of Nine's Fenris Ranger ship.
  5. Romulan Snakehead fighter, listed specifically as Narek's Snakehead.
  6. Romulan Bomber Warbird, which is the first formal naming of that W-shaped ship.

UPDATE: Eaglemoss have now sent me some additional images of this little fleet from slightly different angles:

Additionally they've released several individual photo's of Seven's ship, giving us by far are beat look at this design so far, and revealing the model has a clear bubble canopy with some interior detailing.

Subscriptions for the series have just launched this week - See my earlier report for full details of the subscription offer and further previews from the series. To get hold of all these ships, for subscriptions see Eaglemoss' Star Trek Universe collection page for the US(ad)UK(ad)Germany(ad), and other parts of Europe(ad)

Alternatively look for individual releases via the Eaglemoss' web-shop in the US(ad) and the UK. For discounted pre-orders, check Things For Another World(ad) too, who normally offer a 20% pre-order discount.

To keep track of the whole Star Trek Universe collection, see my Trek Collective list. For more Eaglemoss updates, check back through my Eaglemoss tag, or for starships coverage in general see my ships or model ships tags.


1 comment:

Dwight Williams said...

After seeing Seven/Annika's Ranger ship, I am inclined to think that she trusts things that she builds herself. And that she built that one from scratch.

Am I the only one left with that impression?

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