Saturday 13 March 2021

Four more Eaglemoss books expand the Shipyards, Designing Starships, Celebration, and Nerd Search series

The Star Trek publishers are a busy bunch lately, as here are yet more new Star Trek books to look forward to this year! This latest selection of four newly announced books all come form Eaglemoss and Penguin Random House, but each offer a very different sort of book. Continue below to see what's coming.

First up, an interesting development in the increasingly vast "encyclopedia of starships" Star Trek Shipyards(ad) series: Eaglemoss will be creating a second edition of the Starfleet Ships 2294 - The Future volume(ad) in this series, to add in the new ships from Picard and Discovery season three. 

No mention of Lower Decks is disappointing; the series introduces some great new Starfleet ships (and canonised the Luna class USS Titan), a real loss if it's left out. Hopefully the Akira class, left out first time around, can find its place this time too! 

Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley are the authors for this one, and it's due out in August. Here's how Eaglemoss are pitching it:
This UPDATED 2nd Edition includes 70 pages of all new, never-before seen Star Trek Starfleet starships from Discovery Season 3 and Picard, presently airing on Paramount+!

Presenting a chronological history of the Star Trek Starfleet starships, from the 24th century to the far future. This in-depth reference book covers Starfleet vessels including the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC- 1701-D, U.S.S. Voyager and Starfleet's first true warship - the U.S.S. Defiant. Includes time traveling ships from the distant future.

All the featured ships are illustrated with CG artwork, including original VFX models made for the TV show.
This series is set to run and run, with the possibility of updated volumes given it an even longer life now. In recent days Eaglemoss also revealed an Alpha and Beta Quadrant book in the series, and previewed the two forthcoming Delta Quadrant themed volumes.

Another of Eaglemoss' longer-running book series is Designing Starships(ad), featuring concept art for ships. The fifth book in that series will be Deep Space Nine and Beyond(ad). Also due in August, and from Ben Robinson again:

Showcasing the concept art behind the Deep Space 9 station itself, the U.S.S. Defiant and dozens more ships from the award winning Star Trek series.

Deep Space 9 is considered by some as the best Star Trek series.

The fifth in the series of Star Trek Designing Starships is built around original production art and extensive interviews with the station and ships' designers, explaining exactly how the ships came into being. The award-winning series Deep Space Nine ran for seven seasons and 176 episodes, from January 1993 to June 1999.

What appears to be becoming a series in this second volume is the a Celebration format. Following last year's Voyager book(ad), Star Trek: The Original Series - A Celebration(ad) will use interviews and archive to chart the history of the first Star Trek series. This one is coming in September, from Ben Robinson and Ian Spelling:

The definitive collection of interviews, history, photos, and artwork from Star Trek: The Original Series. A must-have for all fans of Captain Kirk and his crew.

Following the success of Star Trek Voyager: A Celebration, this second volume in the series focuses Star Trek: The Original Series. The book will be released in the week of Star Trek's 55th anniversary.  
Gene Roddenberry's series changed television forever and created a broadcast phenomenon, and world that continues to influence our culture today. 
With a curated selection of archive interviews, personal recollections from cast and crew, and new interviews specially undertaken for the book, the chapters explore the writing, directing, production art and visual effects, plus classic episodes from the show's three season run. 

And finally for this update, Nerd Search, the image hunting game-book format, is also getting another Trek volume, with Star Trek: The Next Generation - Nerd Search(ad) following up on the previous TOS edition(ad). Outside of Trek Eaglemoss have also done a Ghostbusters Nerd Search book(ad).

This is by Glenn Dakin , and due out in November. There's not a close-to-final cover for this one yet, but there is a substantial blurb!

Think you know Star Trek: The Next Generation like no fan has done before? Well make it so and take up our unique puzzle challenge!

Following the hit 'Quibbles with Tribbles,' here comes the sequel ...STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. This Nerd Search takes your favorite show and adds annoying mistakes that only a true Trek Nerd could spot! This is next level 'Where's Waldo,' for the fanatical adult fan.

In this fully-illustrated book, the Borg have created time-travelling Chaos-Cubes that break down reality as we know it. You must spot the cubes, and save Picard's voyages as we know them.

On another level of complexity, the reader must spot five CONTINUITY ERRORS caused by the Chaos Cubes, like characters in the wrong costume, or scene ... or series!

Finally, we have hidden ten random items from every season of Next Gen in every scene. Spot these rogue elements and name the episode if you can!

Also spot 5 Super Quibbles, for the next level fan. These are things that only fans who peer behind the scenes will know about!

We will be revisiting classic episodes like Best of Both Worlds, The Big Goodbye and Encounter at Farpoint. Watch out for sneaky Ferengi, hairy Klingons, and quirky 'Q' madness.

Top score is the magic number of 11001001. If you want to prove you are the greatest Next Generation expert ever, here's your chance to make it so!

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Star Trek: The Original Series - A Celebration
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Nerd Search

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