Thursday 27 August 2020

Prop Store's latest auction offers Star Trek production pieces from across the universe

Prop Store are today auction of lots of movie and TV stuff in their Entertainment Memorabilia auction, and that includes a huge range of production pieces from all corners of the Star Trek universe. They have some great pieces on offer, including miniatures, matte paintings, concept art, props, and alien prosthetics. I've picked out a few favourites below, although if you want to get any yourself, you'll need to be quick, the auction is in progress today!

My personal favourite is this beautiful study model from the design of Earth Spacedock, from the production of The Search For Spock:

At the decidedly less beautiful end of things, but still really interesting is this unusual miniature for the battle damaged section of the Kazon ship, from the end of Voyager's Caretaker. What looks like layers corrugated cardboard, when composited together with the beauty miniature and lots of flames, make for convincing damaged and exposed decks. A really cool insight into how that effect was made.

In a similar vein, but a bit prettier, there's this cool miniature for the damaged section of the Borg Cube, from their first episode, Q Who?

Very presentable is this Dominion outpost miniature from DS9's Once More Unto the Breach:

And another interesting behind the scenes model, is this study model for a Bajoran temple set:

There are a couple of matte paintings up for grabs, including this lovely USS Enterprise-D in spacedock piece from 11001001:

And this V'Ger matter painting from towards the end of The Motion Picture, in this case footage of the actors on the segment of set complete the on screen reality:

Also from The Motion Picture is this lovely bit of Klingon concept art:

And then there's this beautiful poster concept from Bob Peak, for his The Search For Spock poster:

There are a number of costumes available, the one I found most interesting is the 29th century Starfleet uniform, from Voyager's Relativity:

Another distinctive costume piece is this Wrath of Khan headdress, worn by Khan'a navigator:

And there are also several props on offer, including this Jem'Hadar weapon:

A little more unusual, in terms of Star Trek prop design, is this wrist communicator from The Motion Picture:

There are lots of interesting alien masks available, including some really interesting designs. Such as the alien from TNG's Darmok:

Here's a DS9 promenade alien:

And probably the highlight of the aliens, a Keenser mask, which is beautifully detailed!

Also from the Kelvin movies is the alien from the Iowa bar:

These are just a few of the highlights, check out Prop Store's listings for many more items, from Star Trek, and lots of others films and series.

Prop Store also have a number of really interesting items outside of this event auction, just available to buy as-and-when. These include several obscure aliens from Into Darkness, such as the pangolin-like Ayt here, from the bar scene:

There's also a male version of this character, just the cowl available though (no face):

This is Cask:

And Moto, the officer from the brig:

And finally a fragment of a slightly more familiar character, Lieutenant 0718's cybernetic implant:

Again, these are but a sample of what Prop Store have available, check their listings for much more.

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