Saturday 8 August 2020

Lower Decks Shirt Collective has begun

To mark the release of each episode of Lower Decks, the animation studio behind the series, Titmouse, are producing a special T-shirt, available for one week only, from their Titmouse Stuff store.

You can pick up each design weekly, or subscribe to the whole collection for a discount, and get an extra bonus design too. After each new episode airs a new shirt becomes available, and the previous design is vaulted for the rest of time - They only print what is ordered.
Continue below for a closer look.

Week one brings us aboard the USS Cerritos, and the T-shirt design supplies us with a "general purpose garment" for use on the ship. Here's how Titmouse describe it:
Welcome to Starfleet, ensign! Bravery! Leadership! Ambition! These are all concepts that you can forget about when you're relegated to the lower decks of the U.S.S. Cerritos. Don't complain, someone's gotta do the grunt work around here. Here's your standard-issue general purpose garment in glorious HEATHERED GRAY and mysterious FAIRLY DARK BLUE! Featuring the exterior top view of the ship that you're inside the bottom of!
And the neat thing about the shirts is, Titmouse promote them by having the characters model them:

And here's the real version, available in sizes XS up to 5XL.

Available as part of the subscription, which you've got until episode two arrives next week to sign up for, here's Engisn Tendi in the subscription bonus design - This is a pretty cute homage to the classic TAS promo art.

If you like the designs, head on over to Titmouse Stuff to subscribe or get hold of the episode one shirt. Note, like the series itself, these shirts are only available in the US and Canada.

If that's now enough Lower Decks T-shirts, the Star Trek Shop are also in the game. So far their range includes a "Property of USS Cerritos" design, in several colours:

And also a Lower Decks title design, which is also available on mugs.

Additionally, their Lower Decks range so far also includes die-cut stickers of the Lower Decks style Starfleet emblem/combadge:

To keep track of all the latest news from the series, have a look back through my Lower Decks tag, for previews, behind the scenes, and merchandise updates.

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