Thursday 3 September 2020

Lower Decks 1x05: Cupid's Errant Arrow previews, and other series updates

This week's new episode of Lower Decks will be Cupid's Errant Arrow. As usual CBS have released a trailer and preview images. Continue below to check out those, plus a round-up of the latest other updates from the series.

Here's the blurb for the new episode:
Mariner is suspicious of Boimler’s new girlfriend. Tendi and Rutherford grow jealous of a bigger starship’s gear.
And here's the trailer, which as ever Nación Trek have been good enough to get up onto YoutTube:

CBS have released loads of preview images this week. Quite a few focus on Boimler's girlfriend Ruth, voiced by Gillian Jacobs:

There's also this character, Docent, played by Matt Walsh:

And lots of these mostly-purple aliens:

Plus a couple of moment's from the Rutherford/Tendi story:

Dipping back to the previous episode, the so far weekly Easter Eggs video series continues, with creator Mike McMahan looking at uniforms this time (also up on if you're geolocked out of YouTube below):

As far as I've spotted they didn't release an animatics video for this episode. But the Tendi's selfies series of social media images has continued:

CBS have also released their usual round of post-released more spiolery images:

Plus a couple of clips:

Finally, the Titmouse Shirt Collective continues with the coolest design so far: This week's artwork is based on the ascension scene, although it also seems o be strongly channelling the final moments of The Motion Picture to me. But what makes it extra cool, is that it glows in the dark! As neatly demonstrated by Rutherford, this week's model:

Here's Titmouse's pitch for the design:
It's all about change. You can do it! Succeed downward until you fail upward! Terraform your surroundings to suit yourself! Set yourself unattainable goals (you can always blame others when you fail)! Ascend into a life form of pure energy, and become one with the galaxy! On second thought – maybe don't do that. It looks....explodey.
As ever, this is only available until the next episode airs; so get your orders in quick if you like it.

Lower Decks is available on CBS All Access in the USA, and Bell Media channels in Canada. The rest of the world is still awaiting news on if or when we get to see it.

To keep track of all the latest Lower Decks news, have a look back through my Lower Decks tag for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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