Saturday 22 August 2020

IDW's November Star Trek comics, latest Graphic Novel Collection titles, and more comic updates

IDW have announced their solicitations for November, which include the start of a new Voyager miniseries, and a Gary Seven origin story! Continue below for all the details of those, plus the latest books in Eaglemoss' Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection (including the first ever reprint of a super rare Brazilian comic), and other Star Trek comic updates.

The big news from IDW's latest announcements is that November will see the start of their first ever Voyager comic miniseries (and only second ever stand-alone Voyager comic, following the one-shot mirror universe tale Mirrors and Smoke). The four-part series will be focused on Seven of Nine, and is called Seven’s Reckoning, and will be written by Dave Baker, with art by Angel Hernandez, and colours by Ronda Pattison. Here's the blurb for issue one:
After Voyager encounters a damaged alien ship deep in the Delta quadrant, what at first seems to be a simple repair mission becomes much more complicated for Seven of Nine as she becomes involved in an ancient conflict that will put her newfound humanity to the test. From writer Dave Baker (Action Hospital, F*ck Off Squad, Star Trek: Waypoint) and artist Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Picard Countdown, Star Trek/Green Lantern).
The first issue will be offered in at least three covers. Either the A cover by Angel Hernandez, a B photo-cover, or a retail incentive cover by Jefferey Veregge. So far just the Hernandez design has been revealed:

November's other release is from the Star Trek: Year Five maxiseries, and from the sound of the blurb it looks like the series is stepping out of it's usual two-part format in order to give us a one-off origin story for issue #17:
At last – the super secret origin of Gary Seven! Who was Gary Seven before AEGIS turned him into a time-traveling secret agent? What, exactly, does AEGIS want? Answers are revealed and secrets are exposed in this fully painted stand-alone spy thriller from showrunners Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly (Gotham City Garage, Green Arrow) and fan-favorite artist J.K. Woodward (Star Trek: Mirror Broken, Star Trek: Harlan Ellison’s The City on the Edge of Forever--The Original Teleplay)!
This book will be written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, and as noted above, features painted artwork by J.K. Woodward. Marc Laming is taking on the cover duties for the issue, and there will also be the usual retail incentive cover by J.J. Lendl! Here's the Laming cover:

Also from a forthcoming Year Five issue, artist Silvia Califano recently teased this rather lovely triptych of panels currently in the works:

Looking to Eaglemoss's Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection, their Hero Collector blog recently revealed details of four more issues coming up in that series of reprints.

#129 will be Uchu, reprinting the third Tokyopop TOS manga book of the same title. Like previous manga volumes in this series, the reprints in this format mean we get a pleasingly larger scale release of the stories Those four stories are:
  • Art of War
    • Written by Wil Wheaton, with art by E.J. Su.
    • A trial flashback story featuring an encounter between Kirk and a Klingon.
  • Bandi
    • Written by David Gerrold, with art by Don Hudson.
    • A troublesome incident with telepathic bears!
  • The Humanitarian
    • Written by Luis Reyes, with art by Nate Wilson
    • Spock dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.
  • Inalienable Rights
    • Written by Nathaniel Bowden, with art by Heidi Arnhold.
    • A first contact tale.
In addition to these stories this volume will contain a very exciting bonus issue, The Exile (or originally in Portuguese O Exilado), which is one of two original stories published by Editora Abril among their series Jornada Nas Estrelas; their run of reprints of Gold Key Star Trek comics in Brazil. This will be the first time this super rare book has ever been released outside of Brazil! Here's how Hero Collector describe the story:
...the Enterprise buffeted with "mental waves" as the crew discovers an injured woman pregnant with a most unusual child. This trippy tale would have been right at home in the actual Gold Key line.

#130 will be A Piece of Reaction, collecting the final four issues of Marvel Comic's TOS and TNG series Unlimited:
  • #7: An Infinite Jest
    • Written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton.
    • In which Q and Trelane have Kirk and Picard switch places in an inter-series personality swapping adventure!
  • #8: The Boy, The Warrior, and The Veteran
    • Written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton.
    • A collection of three shorter stories all focused on Klingons, including a tale from Worf's childhood, another from his DS9 years, and an Excelsior era team up for Sulu and Kang (also featuring the Gorn).
  • #9: Trekkers
    • Written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton.
    • Sulu and Chekov have a big ol' Klingon adventure.
  • #10: A Piece of Reaction
    • Written by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels.
    • A TNG movie era follow up to TOS's A Piece of the Action.

#131 is Encounters with the Unknown, a collection of Wildstorm's Voyager comics:
  • False Colors
    • Written by Nathan Archer with art by Jeffery Moy
    • A Borgish Seven of Nine story.
  • Elite Force
    • A comic book adaption of the video game of the same name, focused on the Borg arc in the game.
  • Avalon Rising
    • Written by Janie Ellen Young and Doselle Young, with art by David Roach
    • A series of medieval adventures for The Doctor on an atypical away mission!
  • Planet Killer
    • Written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith, with art by Robert Teranishi and Claude St. Aubin.
    • A three-part series in which Voyager encounters a Planet Killer from the classic TOS episode The Doomsday machine.

#132 is The Gift, which collects DC's first three TNG annuals:
  • #1 The Gift
    • Written by John de Lancie and Michael Jan Friedman, with art by Gordon Purcell and Pablo Marcos.
    • Naturally with that authorship, the story features Q, in a tale taking us into Picard's past. This one is notably for the really interesting way Q is illustrated, to make his super-alieness a visual signature.
  • #2 Thin Ice
    • Written by Michael Jan Friedman, with art by Matt Haley and Carlos Garzon.
    • Another backstory issue, this time diving into Riker's paste.
  • #2 The Broken Moon
    • Written by Michael Jan Friedman, with art by Brandon Paterson.
    • This one focuses on Geordi, and again goes into his past, building on an incident from earlier in his Starfleet career, but more notably is also a sequel to Conspiracy, bring back the parasites!

The Graphic Novel Collection is getting ever so close to be able to reprint all the Star Trek comics, but as discussed in my recent interview with the editor Rich Handley, it needs at least one more extension to finish that task. As you can see from the listings above, it is managing to gather some truly rare comics, and bring them back into print, in many cases for the first time since original publication. It would be great if it could finish the job - So please do support the line by subscribing to the series, or picking up the odd individual issues of interest.

Speaking of rare comics, the series has already printed one never before released comic, the Gold Key #62 (included as a bonus in GNC #124), and Rich's comics blog on Hero Collector recently detailed a whole load of other cancelled comics, including some with artwork that had already been done - Could we see some of these printed for the first time as well? I certainly hope so! Either way, it's a really cool blog looking at loads of unproduced books; well worth a read!

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek comic releases, hit the comics button on my 2020 schedule page. You can also find reading lists for several Star Trek comic series on my Trek Collective Lists site.


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I absolutely love that this collection is bringing in such rare finds like the Brazilian comics! I really hope that Eaglemoss extends it to include everything so far, or at least does 10 more volumes to complete all the pre-IDW comics!

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