Friday 6 March 2020

Take your crew for a ride, with passenger window decals from FanWraps

Automotive accessories maker FanWraps have come up with an innovative way to take Trek with you wherever you go, with their passenger window decals.

These feature the torsos of several different Star Trek characters, which can be stuck to your car window to give the impression you're giving them a lift - Or if you don't fancy endorsing car culture, maybe you can stick them up in your conservatory and pretend you're having a little briefing meeting?

So far you can get Captain Picard, Spock, Captain Kirk, or clearly the best, a Gorn! Here are some in-action photos:

And a closer look at each design:

At the more subtle end of things to stick to your car, they also have some smaller stickers. Such as this shuttlecraft Galileo name decal:

Or this USS Enterprise bumper sticker:

FanWraps also produce other good, including phone cases and T-shirts. They have quite a range available, mostly TOS and TNG designs, plus a few Discovery pieces.

My favourites are of course the more original pieces, which include two Star Trek breakfast cereal T-shirts: You can be a walking billboard for either Gorn Flakes (limited edition with crunchy choco-rocks), or Scotty's Dilithium Crystals (which come with marshmallow subatomic particles!).

Combined with the recent Tribbles cereal designs available elsewhere, that's quite an assortment of Star Trek breakfasts currently on offer!

They also have a couple of always welcome Gold Key Comics cover designs:

Which with a bit of styling look pretty cool, as FanWraps showed off on Instagram:

To see the full FanWraps range, with lots more T-shirts and phone cases, visit their website.

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