Saturday 7 March 2020

Standees and prints bring Picard to life

The Star Trek Shop have revealed a selection of new Picard products that bring the series home at life size. Those include a range of new Picard standees, with options including Seven of Nine, Picard, and of course the unavoidable No 1 the dog. They measure 68, 70 and 38 inches all respectively, and look like this:

The Star Trek Shop already offer a good range of Star Trek standees, with lots of Discovery characters, plus a few TOS and TNG ones. So you can get yourself a younger Picard to display side-by-side if you like, although alas there's no such option for Seven of Nine, or uh, Riker for No 1??

Also new on the Star Trek Shop is a range of merchandise featuring Data's painting Daughter, the template for Soji and Dahj. Naturally this includes prints of the image, either in poster or canvas form (the latter crops out some details though), plus also a pretty nifty looking tote bag, and a less inspiring mug or T-shirt.

Other recent Picard stuff on the Star Trek Shop includes various items featuring Elnor, Seven of Nine, and Freecloud. Check out there full range for all kinds of other designs picking up characters and details from the series.

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